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Manis Interior offers a full spectrum of design services to homes, offices, hotels, and other residential markets. We offer a world class service with an affordable budget to satisfy our customer’s needs. Manis Interior have worked on different projects ranging from small townhouses to huge hotels across the country and we are able to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction.

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we assure all of our prospective clients to deliver and cater the best interior design experience ever. “YOU CAN TRUST US WITH THAT”


Looking for something to cover your walls? Look no more, we have different kind of wallpaper designs ranging from simple colors and textures to sophisticated florals and abstract designs. We also provide a spectrum of interior design services ranging from Gordyn, wallpapers, carpets, vinyl, parquet, Blinds, vitrage, luxurious minimal sofas and many more.


Our Efficient delivery model allows us meet the expectations of our customers just in time. All the customers have to do is Order, and Pay the deposit, all the other logistical problems will be handled by us professionally. Contact us for more information regarding our services.

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What Our Clients Say

“Our experience with Manis Interior was exceptional- they are professional, considerate and a pleasure to do business with. With Manis Interior you get attention to detail and high quality of work at a very resonable price” -- Mariya

“ When we decided to refashion our living room, Manis Interior provided us with the latest minimalistic designs which brought my living room back to life.” -- Erwin

“We recently bought an old house, Manis Interior has help us not only to redecorate our interior but also to modernize our living space” – Haryano

“ From the day we did business with Manis Interior, they have never let us down and they always deliver on time. Their work are efficient and high quality.” – Monica

“ I have recently renovated my entire house, from the kitchen all the way to the master bed room, Manis Interior have provided us with great variety of wallpapers, its been almost 5 years and the wallpapers are still shining as if they are brand new” – Felicia

“ Mr. Kishore has always kept his promise when it comes to providing us with the best quality of products with a very resonable price” – Bayu Hariyanto